Ekman Design Studio

Ekman Design Studio is committed to providing quality, elegant project design solutions. Projects range from historical preservation, renovations and additions, to traditionally inspired new custom home designs. The studio has nearly three decades of combined experience as effective project leaders coordinating: the development of project programs, site selection and analysis, regulatory agency approvals, project design, production of exceptional detailed construction drawings and specification, bidding and contractor selection, and project support throughout construction. We employ a variety of sketching, rendering, and advanced computer modeling techniques to assist our clients in fully visualizing their homes. A thorough understanding of each project allows for informed decisions in all aspects of that project. In addition to an experienced and dedicated in-house design team, Ekman Design Studio maintains a network of talented landscape architects, interior designers, engineers, special consultants, general contractors, craftsman, and artisans whose expertise is called upon as required for each project. The Studio and its network are dedicated to incorporating sustainable building practices and a variety of advanced building technologies. (See the Project Process Descriptions above and the appropriate process documents that correspond to your project type).

At any given time, Ekman Design has projects in various stages of design and construction. The construction phase is in fact the time when the architectural process is at its most exciting and most evident as the drawings and materials take form in three dimensions. The collaborations between the design team, builders, and craftspeople give shape to what waws once merely the client's dream. Here are a few of the projects that are either in the minds, on the boards, or under construction.