Ekman Design Studio

“Creative and Innovative Design - Translating our Client's Dreams into Reality”

EKMAN DESIGN STUDIO is a boutique architectural firm specializing in unique fine homes. Established in 1995, Ekman Design Studio is located in the Historic Capitol Hill neighborhood in the heart of Denver, Colorado. Our studio endeavors to understand the personal experiences, passions and dreams of every client as inspiration for each residence; rather than pursue a specific architectural style. We strive to maximize views, daylight, and integration of the project’s surroundings to create harmony. Our goal is to produce beautiful, timeless homes that harmoniously address these guiding influences in a simple, yet imaginative way.

Through the years the firm has earned a reputation for producing traditionally inspired residences, ancillary structures and landscape features, along with architectural interiors that are aesthetically beautiful, practical and fit harmoniously in their unique settings.

Creating architecture is a process of collaboration. This collaboration happens between our in-house design team and the array of consultants, designers, builders, and craftspeople we work with every day. Each discipline of the design team contributes to the overall quality and unique character of our projects. The fostering of this "collaborative spirit" early in the design process has been a hallmark of our studio's work. Indeed, we believe the success of our projects has always depended on teamwork and that spirit.