Ekman Design Studio

“Doing is Being” ~ Ray Bradbury

Our extensive and varied portfolio of work is due to the strength of our ‘team design’ philosophy. A philosophy fostered while the founder was an “Imagineer” at Disney’s Design Studio. Each member brings a unique perspective and set of skills to the studio. That diversity, creativity and construction knowledge is all incorporated into our Studio's unique practice. We integrate design elements with the most current construction methods and green practices. We guide the design team to achieve elegant homes and incorporate our clients' furniture and art early in the schematic design phase. We utilize the latest visualization technology through three-dimensional computer modeling in addition to hand sketches to convey architectural concepts to the entire project team—clients, interior designers, landscape architects, general contractors, subcontractors, craftsmen and artisans to ensure that no detail is overlooked. The transparency of our process ensures that every detail is thoroughly evaluated. Whether your project is a historic renovation or a new custom home, we work closely with the clients to create elegant solutions. Our extensive and varied portfolio of work underscores the advantage of this team design “Imagineer” collective philosophy.

At Ekman Design, we bring to each of our projects a unique understanding of a variety of architectural traditions and building contexts – regional, stylistic, and climatic – as well as landscape and interior architecture in order to help our clients develop timeless homes and properties. Our approach to the design and detailing of each project is rigorous, as is the professionalism with which we manage the construction process. Most importantly, we pay keen attention to what we learn from our clients about how they like to live and what each space, structure, and site reveals about itself.